Introduction to Velsen/IJmuiden

The sluices, jetties and harbours around the North Sea Canal mark IJmuiden as a dynamic port town for the fish and steel industries.
Interesting places to visit include the old fishing port with its seafood restaurants, and the modern local marina, Marina Seaport IJmuiden. Near the fishing port on Halkade, old warehouses are currently being converted into shops, fishmongers and seafood restaurants.
With its ideal seaside location, Velsen/IJmuiden aan Zee combines the tranquillity of the wide beaches and sand dunes with the bustle of the ports, the immense sluices, and industrial activity.

Velsen/IJmuiden aan Zee is best known for its fishing port, the steel company Tata Steel, and the beautifully illuminated skyline by night. However, there is more to Velsen: it is also a diverse municipality rich in beautiful historical sites such as the country estates with their parks, Forteiland, the Bunkermuseum (Bunker Museum), the village of Oud Velsen and the Ruïne van Brederode (Brederode Ruins).


It is also a wonderful place for hiking, inline skating and bicycle tours in Zuid-Kennemerland National Park and the Spaarnwoude Recreation Ground.

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