Welcome in the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

Nature reserve

Enjoy and experience nature in the most breathtaking natural surprise in the Randstad: National Park Zuid-Kennemerland.
This National Park is located in the heart of the metropolitan area, between Haarlem and Zandvoort, and 45 minutes from Amsterdam. The location and beauty of this 3800 acres large reserve attracts many people who enjoy hiking, cycling, horse riding and swimming.

The National Park is composed of young calcerous dunes, wide beaches and lush coastel forests as well as remnants of cultural history like farms/estates, seaside villages and bunkers. Differences in soil, elevation, climate and groundwater levels in dunes provide diverse living conditions for both flora and fauna alike. While the elements, sand, rain and wind only serve to reinforce the biological dynamics of the area.
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Visit the park

  • Entrance to the park is free of charge
  • Our excursions are dutch spoken.
  • Book your own english speaking guide (3 weeks prior to your arrival) for E100,-
  • The Visitorscentre ‘De Kennemerduinen’ is located at Zeeweg 12 in Overveen, nearby the parking ‘Koevlak’.
  • Contact the visitorscentre on

T:+31 (0) 235 411 123
E: info@np-zuidkennemerland.nl
Open from Tuesday till Sunday from 10.00 am till 5 pm.




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