1   What happens when a rentalbike damages during the rentalperiod?
Although not necessarely your fault, you are liable for all damage that occurs to the rented e-bike, except damage caused by natural wear. Treat your rental e-bike as if it is yours.

2   What if a bike gets stolen?
When your rental e-bike gets stolen, you are liable for the damage. When you lock your bike properly it is very unlikely it will get stolen. You can choose for the option of theft insurance. Check also: are bicycles insured against theft?

3   Are rented bicycles insured against theft?
No, when you rent a bicycle you are liable for theft. The risk of theft is small when you use the locks the way we will instruct you. With the option theftinsurance you can buy off this risk. Check How does it work for the insurance rates.

4   What happens if the bike has a flat tyre or serious breakdown?
We provide a puncture repairkit and airpump on request. If you know how to fix a flat you can continue your trip. Serious breakdowns are rare because our bikes are wellmaintained and they are equipped with anti- puncture tyres. We provide you a phonenumber to contact us for a solution.

6   How does theftinsurance work?
If you have concluded a theftinsurance when you rent a bicycle then the conditions are as follows:

– You pay a premium of € 5,- per day per bicycle. You must lock the bicycle like you will be instructed;

– When you get rid of the bicycle, you are obliged to let make up a warrant at a police office;

– you lose your guarantor when paid + the replacement value of the lock & the replacement value of any additional accessoires;

– When you cannot show the keys, then you must compensate for the replacement value of the bicycle + lock.

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