Bike tour Haarlem

bike tour haarlem

Haarlem is an ideal operating base for bicycle excursions in the surroundings. For each season there are beautiful bicycle routes available.

You can rent our Flyer pedelecs to discover the surroundings and we will bring the pedelecs to the place you want to start your tour. We can’t make it easier for you. You only have to peddle and enjoy.

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Bike tour Haarlem

Outskirts of Haarlem
The bicycle route ‘Rondje Haarlem’ takes the cyclist in approximately 31 Mile along the most beautiful sites of Haarlem and five neighbouring villages. The route shows the most beautiful nature areas and monuments of this region. You will see old mills and farms, the beautiful ruine of Brederode, the picturesque harbour of Spaarndam and you come by the nature area Spaarnwoude and the quiet Kennemerduinen.

The route can be cycled in two to three hours but you could spent an entire day visiting all the sites and nature areas along the route. The bicycle route Rondje Haarlem was set out in 2002 by a local newspaper and a local nature conservation foundation. It is popular amongst locals as well as tourists from The Netherlands and abroad. The entire route is indicated with clearly noticeable signs.

Find out more about the cycle tour “Outskirts of Haarlem”.

More bicycle routes in and around Haarlem

Of course Rondje Haarlem is not the only interesting cycle route in and around Haarlem. Below, you will find an extensive overview of all the interesting and exceptional cycle routes in the area.

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Bicycle routes in and around Haarlem

  • Waterlandroute (20 Mile)
    Haarlem, Spaarndam, Santpoort, Driehuis
    The Waterlandroute takes you from Zandvoort to Bloemendaal beach. After cycling the crowded boulevard of Zandvoort you will enter the quiet dunes ‘Kennemerduinen’ and the nature reserve ‘Duin en Kruidberg’ before arriving in the small town Driehuis and the country estates Beeckestijn and Waterland. The 17th century gardens of country estate Beeckestijn are open to the public. After passing the estates your route takes you back to Zandvoort via Santpoort and Bloemendaal.
  • Zeereeproute (37 Mile to shorten to 28 Mile)
    Haarlem, Zandvoort, Langevelderslag, Noordwijk, Vogelenzang, Aerdenhout
    The Zeereeproute starts in Haarlem and takes you through the dunes and beaches of Zandvoort, Langevelderslag, Noordwijk, Vogelenzang and ends in Aerdenhout.
  • Spaarnwouderoute (23 Mile to shorten to 20 Mile)
    Haarlem, Cruquius, Vijfhuizen, Haarlemmerliede, Spaarndam
    The Spaarnwouderroute is a 33 or 37 km route through Haarlem, Cruquius, Vijfhuizen, Haarlemmerliede and Spaarndam.
  • Alkmaardermeerroute (43 Mile to shorten to 23 Mile)
    Haarlem, Haarlemmerliede, Spaarndam, Buitenhuizen, Krommenie, Uitgeest, Casticum, Beverwijk, Velsen Noord – Zuid, Driehuis, Santpoort, Bloemendaal.
  • Zaanstreekroute (40 to shorten to 22 or to 31 Mile)
    Haarlem, Spaarndam, Westzaan, Zaandijk, Jisp, Krommenie, Assendelft, Buitenhuizen.
  • Bollenstreekroute (34 to shorten to 30 or to 19 Mile)
    Haarlem, Vogelenzang, De Zilk, Lisse, Hillegom, Bennebroek, Heemstede, Cruquius
    The Bollenstreekroute takes you to the colorfull bulb-fields. Especially in the early springtime, when the flowers are in full bloom, this can be a beautifull route but in other seasons there is still plenty worth while to be seen. During this route you will pass the Keukenhof, one of the most popular tourist attractions of Holland. It is opened from the end of March until the middle of May (can vary each year).
  • Parnassiaroute (19 Mile)
    Haarlem, Overveen, Bloemendaal, Kennemerduinen, Bloemendaal aan Zee, Zandvoort
    This route takes you through the small towns Vogelenzang and Aerdenhout and through the park ‘Brouwerskolkpark’and the dunes ‘Kennemerduinen’. You will pass the ruines of castle Brederode, the nature reserve ‘Duin en Kruidberg’ and the lake ‘Vogelmeer’ before you arrive at Parnassia at the North Sea. The short version of this route is 23 km.
  • Westeinderroute (35 Mile to shorten to 13 or to 27 Mile)
    Haarlem, Vijfhuizen, Hoofddorp, Rijsenhout, Westeinderplassen, Aalsmeer.
  • Monumentenrondje (11 km)
    Haarlem diverse Hofjes Sint Bavo Kathedraal Haarlemmerhout Frans Hals museum St.-Bavo.
  • Haarlemmerdijk (55 Mile)
    Station Amsterdam Muiderpoort, Badhoevedorp, Zwanenburg, Lisserbroek, Leimuiden, Uithoorn, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, Station Amsterdam Amstel.
  • Floriaderoute (8 Mile)
    The Floriade route is a 12 kilometer cycle route that takes you along and through the terrain of the old Floriade in the park ‘Haarlemmermeerse Bos’. The entire route is marked with signs.
  • Duinstreekroute (28 Mile)
    This route takes you through the Elsgeestpolder, the small town of Voorhout, the country estate Offem, the center of Noordwijk-binnen, nature areas Nieuw-Leeuwenhorst and Boswachterij Noordwijk, the bulb-fields of De Zilk and flowerpark the Keukenhof, the ruines of caslte Teylingen and ends in Warmond.
  • Beeckestijnroute (13 Mile)
    In the park ‘Brouwers kolkpark’ you will see signs reading ‘Beeckestijnroute’. This 21 kilometer cycle route will take you along the borders of the dunes of Noord-Holland, the country estate Beeckestijn and the ruines of castle Brederode. Small part of the route overlaps Rondje Haarlem.

You can find more information on some of these routes at the tourist office (VVV) of Haarlem.

Do you want to stay for a weekend, ask us for our recommendations. We will bring the bikes to your hotel.

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