pedelec rental addresses

Here you can find the Pedelec rental addresses of our partners. At our partners you can pick up the bicycles. Make a reservation to prevent disappointments.
Do you want the pedelecs to be delivered at your place? Please contact us.

Pedelec rental addresses

A Hotel Velsen in IJmuiden

Kennemerlaan 118, 1972 ES IJmuiden. For reservations contact us

B Restaurant Kop van de Haven in IJmuiden

Sluisplein 80, 1975 AG IJmuiden. For reservations contact us

D Cruise Passengers

Pedelec rental addressesCruiseboulevard 10, IJmuiden. If you are using a navigation system enter: “Zeehavenweg 1, 1976 EA IJmuiden” and then follow the signs “Felison Cruise Terminal”. For reservations contact us. This address is only for Cruise passengers.

E Dutch Pedelec Tours in Beverwijk

Flevoland 11, 1948 RH Beverwijk. For reservations contact us.


See our pedelec rental addresses on the map below

View adresses Dutch Pedelec Tours in a full screen map

Information about cycling in the Netherlands

There is a very good site in english with information about cycling in the Netherlands. check this site Cycling in Holland

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